About Us

Angels for the Elderly was opened in 1987. Our Lead Administrator is Janice Lucas. Angels has been specializing in Alzheimer’s care since 2001 and continues to set the industry standard in care and excellence. Angels is a combination of four separate Specialty Care Assisted Living facilities, which are located on the same beautiful campus. Each home represents and houses a specific level of Memory Care.

The individual homes allow Residents with similar challenges to live together. Residents in the beginning stages of Memory impairment are not housed with residents in the end stages. This allows each individual to continue having the best quality of life possible.

Angels provides 24 hour assistance with 2 RN’s on duty Monday through Friday and LPN’s seven days a week. All medications are managed and administered by licensed nurses. Angels provides our Residents with the opportunity for a weekly visit from our Facility Medical Director and, additionally, a visit from our Doctor’s Nurse Practitioner, once a week.

Please use our website as a tool to not only learn more about Angels, our staff and our services, but as a tool to educate yourself on the subject of Specialty Care Assisted Living and learn how to know when it is time for a loved one to need our services.

Change for anyone is hard, and when it comes to our loved ones, it is even harder. When deciding on where to place a loved one, consider all your options. Listen to the advice of people who have been in your place. Visit the facilities they were pleased with. Talk to the management and find out how involved they are with the day to day operations. Make sure the facility is clean and well maintained. Check with the State Department of Public Health on the facilities last few survey scores. Also, look at the residents. Do they look happy and healthy? If you stick to these guidelines, you should be successful at finding the right Specialty Care Facility for your loved one.